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Extremely impressed with this team of folks at Medford Better Housing. We found a great apartment to suit our needs and have moved in and are settling in. Thank you to Medford Better Housing!

Maureen H. | January 2024

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Always friendly

wanabe100 | December 2023

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Medford Better Housing is one of the only affordable housing opportunities in Jackson county. They do charge a large deposit if you have poor credit but everything they have drafted has been total legal and this is a hard business and I understand why they charges large deposits. They have a lot of poor reviews but the reality is they have hundreds of rentals and only a few are vacant that means

people are happy and the renters stay for very long periods of time. No where else in the county can you rent a unit except for with them for under $1,000 some units are more modern than others but for the price you are paying it is up to the renter to clean and beautify their apartment. If you want to settle somewhere long term and are on a fixed budget this is a good company to work with. Save up for a deposit or get rental assistance from many of the non-profits offering help now such as ACCESS. Also I found the staff in the office to be warm and caring and very experienced and went out of their way to serve me and the other people in the office with same day showings.

A.M. Local Guide | August 2023

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The staff was very very polite to me they helped me find a place to live

Kathleen S. | 2017

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Dawne Munroe | February 2023

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Christina Bruton | December 2023

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